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A book from a transformative CIO and IT innovation specialist to help you become the kind of IT leader organizations and employees need.

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Want to develop your leadership skills in the fast-paced world of technology? Get started today with this essential guide to leading fast-growing teams and tips on helping team members succeed.

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In my articles, I share the lessons I've learned. However, I share more in-depth analysis of these topics in my books.

Rudi Mohamed is a visionary Global Chief Information Officer and IT innovation specialist. With over 15 years of leadership experience, Rudi has transformed large-scale operations through strategic IT initiatives. He led a pivotal State of Minnesota IT investment, achieving a 45% reduction in technology costs and securing an additional $20M for critical technology modernization projects. His leadership enhanced customer experience, increased e-filing adoption, and expanded service accessibility.

A published author and thought leader, Rudi is dedicated to mentoring future IT leaders and revolutionizing digital transformation for societal benefit.

My Content Expertise

Human Centered Leaderhip

Valuable leadership tips and tools to help you lead smart people with clarity of purpose and the freedom to innovate.

Navigating Digital Transformation

Strategic insights and tools to help you foster a digital culture that embraces change, ensuring smooth adoption.

Technology Roadmapping

Expert tips and tools to help you identify and integrate the right digital tools that match your unique organizational needs
“To me, leadership is to influence others through inspiration with clarity and inclusiveness”
Rudi Mohamed